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Greetings from the studio… I’m working on “Still My Heart Beats”

A new concept album,  dedicated to the great Josephine Baker’s story

to the women who follow their hearts’ intuition

with determination, with no compromises, to free women.

I’ve spent time playing in the studio

with amazing musicians, artists and dear friends.

I’m so excited, my new concept album coming soon!











"I am a ballad, I follow my vision, my story and my melodies, with open arms, full of love and gratitude, always!"








An Artist, singer songwriter, composer, running for her own vision

who plays guitar, dulcimer, harmonica and keyboards.


Sweet Ballads and Rock Strength.


A warm, strong and mellow voice. A guitar with a pulsating rhythm.

A dynamic, powerful and enthralling show. A very special repertoire.

Original songs and also a very well-kept selection of covers

which have marked her own “running”.


She had performed in many places, festivals, clubs and prestigious theatres,

like The Olympic Theatre in Rome, the Donizetti in Bergamo,

the Lingotto in Turin, Celtica in Courmayeur.


She had performed with Gens D’Ys, Irish Dance Accademy

at festivals like the Triskell in Trieste, the Fairyland in Guidonia-Rome.


Her Norwegian trips led her to a succession of very good concerts like Bolgen in Larvik

("Don’t you dare miss It" Tour 2011 with the Bobband),

the Gule Galleriet in Stavern, the Kulturhuset Promenaden in Sandefjord

with Eldar Kyrkjebø and Roy Einar Dreng.


Two times in California, she performed in many places

like the Good Hurt in Venice (Los Angeles), The Canters,

two times at the Hard Rock Cafè in Hollywood, Walk of Fame.


Two music records, Anyway Album (2012) and Barbra Belle ep (2013).


She created “Still My Heart Beats” a new concept album coming soon and a storytelling show

dedicated to the incredible story of Josephine Baker. In 2014 She had Met Jean Claude Baker in Manhattan.


She’s the author-composer of “Today, Say No To Child Labour” song on the lyrics of Elena Maro

supporting the ILO International Labour Organization Manifesto “Music Against Child Labour”.


She collaborates with WEAREDREAMERS as composer – music scores.

She took part in “Storie Di Sognatori \ Symphony For A Dreamer”

a project by WeAreDreamers in collaboration with Rai Cinema.





Maria Olivero HardRockCafe Hollywood.jpg






Artist – Composer / Singer / Songwriter – Guitar, Keyboards, Dulcimer




















Maria Olivero vocals, acoustic\electric guitar

Mauro Roasio electric\lead guitar

Luciano “Sem” Santoro bass guitar

Flavio “Fl Eiv” Bergamasco drums








Maria Olivero with Mauro Roasio. Spazio E.




















Original Music "Yellow Wings" composed by Maria Olivero |

















In 2012 Maria realized the “Anyway” album which includes a selection of songs she composed

on the lyrics of the english writer Matt Lindsay (London).

That album was produced by Maria Olivero and Giorgio Bellossi (Los Angeles).

This, even before being published, have come to life on stage through amplifiers, guitars, drums,

microphones and grew powerful through the energy of the fans every concert, every night.


Maria Olivero sang and arranged all songs,

playing acoustic guitars, dulcimer,

keyboards and also bass on the song “The Last Child”,

all this blended with a powerful mix

of drums-sectionand electric guitars creates

the unique style that characterize Maria’s music.


Maria has a warm mellow voice whilst at the same time

having a powerful and capable captivating strong presence in her vocals.

Her guitar style represents freshness and a pulsating rhythm

that has come about from sheer hard work from being on the road,

made up from many concerts and meetings with great personalities along

the way, a path which started with a big love for English folk-rock and American

singer songwriters; these influences have has brought forward Marias talents

and have helped Maria find her very own uniqueness right up to this day.



-       ---      -





Maria Olivero - copertina fronte Ep - Barbra Belle.jpg.jpg



“Pop – intended as – popular -  travels across the time,

bringing its roots with itself and getting new anytime in a new ballad.

I’m on the run, toward my vision; I’m the music I play and I play the music I am.

This EP is dedicated to love, to the women who follow their hearts’ intuition,

with determination, with no compromises, to free women.

To Barbara, to Josephine Baker, to my heart.

A ballad full of gratitude, of love, for love, always.”






In 2013 Maria realized “Barbra Belle” (EP)

 "Dedicated to love, to the women who follow their hearts' intuition,

with determination, with no compromises, to free women".

3 songs Maria composed on the lyrics of Elena Maro, produced by Maria Olivero and Giorgio Bellossi.

The Ep includes “Barbra Belle” a song inspired by the story of Barbara, an “old love story”

set centuries ago in the Castello Dal Pozzo, now the Tudor mansion

of the Marquises Dal Pozzo of Oleggio Castello.

The EP also includes “Still My Heart Beats” the main theme for a new show

dedicated to Josephine Baker, created by Maria Olivero.


Cover Ep shooted by Stefano Ceretti, editing by Maria Olivero.


Her music is characterized by the choice of combining traditional instruments

with rock and electronic music. "Everything is pop, traditional and new styles are mixed

and are renewed each time in a new song...

and my pop brings its own history, the time, the heart, the sweat, the lives of people.

“ The use of the Theremin, a charming electronic instrument, one of the first in history (1919 a.c.),

with its magical sound, can really express the idea of that journey, recalling the voices,

the time, the space, the stories that come to life once again through the pop music.


The presentation was complemented with the photos by Stefano Ceretti,

a professional photographer with assets of several exhibitions and publications

both in Italy and abroad;




235 bi.jpg


Working with Maria at this project has been a pleasure to me.

Seeing her eyes sparkling for her passion and love for music has been a very strong source of inspiration.

This is the photography I love, that photography

that allows me to enter in a deep relation with people’s feelings.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Maria,

for letting me tell this beautiful story with you…

and with Barbra Belle!”


Stefano Ceretti, photographer







P R O J E C T S  \ S H O W S



jb.jpgParigi 4196.JPG






Dedicated To



“To the Women who follow their hearts’ intuition

Whith determination, with no compromises,

To free Women”


Original Music Concept Created by Maria Olivero


In 2014 Maria met Jean Claude Baker in Manhattan, then she received this message from him:


Dear Maria, Nice to hear the latest news about your labor of love 

 With tenderness and respect,

Jean-Claude Baker”.







DSC_5501 (2).jpg






Maria Olivero Singer-Songwriter, composer. Vocals, acoustic guitar, piano


Alice Salvoldi Actress – Storyteller


Theremin – Giulia Riboli, Lorenzo “Lord Theremin” Giorda


Lucia Colombo – Violoncello


Special featuring


Fulvio Renzi – Violino


Vincenzo Zitello - Arpa



Original songs composed by Maria Olivero on the lyrics of Elena Maro,

original themes, music composed by Maria Olivero.


Original Theremin by Giulia Riboli


Graphic elaborations by 3DFcom Gabriele D’Angelo


Thanks to “Miele e Kerosene” the book written by Luca De Antonis.



Josephine Baker is one of the most significant figures of the 20th century: 

artistic innovator and tenacious advocate in the defence of human rights,

she contributed considerably to the great issues of the 20th Century.


Maria Olivero’s shows goes deeper than simply telling a story:

Baker is described as a human being, with all her strength and weaknesses,

and the ability to react to life adversity by turning them into great opportunities.


Her story is told to inspire the audience

through the powerful language of pop music and storytelling. 

“Still My Heart Beats”  is about Baker’s public and private figure

and depicts a woman who experienced hardship and success,

a woman who made choices, just like every person must do,

a woman who chose love above all and acted on it.


Pop music is the key to describe and tell Josephine Baker's story,

 its modernity, her being true and, for that reason, timeless.

The choice of using both classical and electronic musical instruments,

breaks the lines, goes beyond stereotypes.

Music is one and only and it carries within its own contrasts, its own story,

to be set free by a unique, powerful, rich sound;

black and white, high and low, new and old, together, in harmony.


More specifically the Theremin,

one of the first electronic musical instruments, (1919 circa) ,

thanks to its fascinating sonority, recalls Josephine's voice itself,

generating, along with the piano, timeless emotions.


The show has a special selection of photos in black and white,

Shooted in the beginning of last century with one of the first stereoscopic camera.






Maria is working in studio on Still My Heart Beats \ new concept album coming soon


News \ latest on MO facebook artist page




BAKER 25 copia copia.jpg


Josephine Baker, Still My Haert Beats

Nuovo Teatro Faraggiana, Novara



P1470851_01.jpg P1470855_01.jpg


BAKER 17 copia.jpg


DSC_5481 (2).jpg DSC_5482 (2).jpg










Still My Heart Beats | work in progress in studio






In studio with Fulvio Renzi





- - - - - - - - - - - -



11.jpg 15284954_911677198934379_874773693330806396_n.jpg


Maria Olivero, cellist Lucia Colombo and actress-storyteller Alice Salvoldi



Lorenzo “Lord Theremin” Giorda


gab 16.jpg







Video Promo realized by

We Are Dreamers Motion Picture










Video Promo Italiano realizzato da

We Are Dreamers Motion Picture





Copia di 0.jpg







Say No To Child Labour


A pop song against child labour








Copia di Today - cover.jpg  P-Today.jpg



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In 2013 Maria composed the song “Today, Say No To Child Labour

 (lyrics by Elena Maro, music by Maria Olivero) This song was presented live

For the very first time at Villa Clerici in Milan, for the World Day Against Child Labour 2013. June, 12.

This song has received the ILO (International Labour Organization, UN agency) support.


On winter 2013/2014 Maria was in Los Angeles recording the acoustic demo,

starting a new community-project related to this song

arts, music, focused on human rights, children rights, women rights on ”TODAY” world

as the goals of the 2030 UN Agenda for the Sustainable Development.

Italian website www.todayproject.org


For the World Day Against Child Labour 2015 event In Milano, at the Castello Sforzesco.

Maria had performed her song "TODAY Say No To Child Labour"

with M° Massimo Fiocchi conductor, the “Today” Choir Rinascita and the Suzuki Orchestra from Tourin.










In this picture:

Minister of Integration Cécile Kashetu Kyenge, Dr. Maria Gabriella Lay rapresenting ILO,

Singer-Songwriter Maria Olivero, lyricist Elena Maro and violinist Carolina Tonco.

 June, 12 – World Day Against Child Labour 2013 – event – Villa Clerici, Milano





102 today la rec - Copy w.jpg



Recording Today, Say No To Child Labour, the acoustic demo in LosAngeles, 2013

Maria Olivero, Elena Maro, Giorgio Bellossi












maria_26 copia.jpg mo.jpg




“I was born in the North of Italy.

My home has always been open to music, movies,and art in general, Jack Kerouac, a thousand roads...

My mother is a classical pianist and my father is a photographer. My grandmother is my hero.

During the years I listened to a lot of music and I collected a lot of records, magazines, newspapers

...I can remember some of the very first records that I loved when I was a little girl.  “La Rossa” by Milva,

the “Live in Europe” by Tina Turner, Always With Me, Always With You by Joe Satriani

and “I ‘m Going Down” by Bruce Springsteen were among the songs that inspired me.

With my first guitar, a white Washburn, and my mother’s grand-piano, I started writing my songs.


My instrumental works are inspired by my big love for the

“Tragically Beautiful” by Angelo Badalamenti

and the music of Erik Satie.  For me everything can be expressed  through music,  

music comes first and then the melodies tell the stories of my encounters.


My musical journey –  “the singer-songwriter experience”  - begins with the English folk-rock;

one day I found an old record of Sandy Denny, the lead singer of Fairport Convention,

and I was stunned, the melodies were so rich, so powerful, the warmth of that music fired up my creativity.

For me everything is POP,

stories and traditions that get mixed tracing  new roads, new growth,

so my own POP comes from all that wonderful music

that surrounded me from the day I was born!

Over the years I have worked on many different projects, from country-rock to American songwriters ....

I played a lot on stage and I was lucky enough to collaborate

with many artists with many different background,

I really believe in the power of teamwork and when you work “together”

the result is a sweet and powerful life force. My songs, even before being published,

 have come to life on stage through amplifiers,

guitars, drums, microphones and grew powerful through the energy of the fans.


I travelled land, my trips have been a very important part of my artistic career, Norway, California,

I’ve lived some magical moments in those wonderful lands,

I’ve met friends and artists that inspired me and have now  become part of me. Once again…


 I’m getting ready to embrace whatever will come, according to my vision, my songs, my story,

with great love and gratitude

– No doubt. Heart, Sweat and Music. XXX Maria”












_MG_3333 w.jpg Maria Olivero_by_Sgah_Photo_Imagery_W2.jpg


1001593_533819916711691_467774106_n.jpg 1395853_10202434376884324_1343358028_n.jpg





HRC1 ed1 w.jpg


live canters.jpg100_3290.jpg



Photo by Paola Deandrea







10b Maria Olivero.jpg

MO Band official 2.jpg









BAKER 1 copia copia.jpg



Still My Heart Beats dedicated to Josephine Baker’s story

Nuovo Teatro Faraggiana, Novara


BAKER 18 copia copia.jpg






BAKER 25 copia copia.jpg






IMG_4702.JPGBAKER 36 copia.jpgIMG_4740.JPG









Maria Olivero with Mauro Roasio @ Obiettivo Rock - Un Concerto di Immagini

An event by Massimo Bonelli





Obiettivo Rock - Un Concerto di Immagini - inauguration

The biggest rock photos exhibition in Italy. Orta Lake.

An event by Massimo Bonelli.






I love Rolling Stones!

@ Obiettivo Rock - Un Concerto di Immagini.

#exhibition a cura di Massimo Bonelli.

Visiting the biggest rock photos exhibition in Italy.






Camogli, May,25 my sweet awesome ha p py Birthday! Grateful





International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia "ROCK FOR LOVE!"

Maratona musicale #live #music #concert #artists 20 maggio "Giornata internazionale contro l'omo\bi\transfobia" e contro ogni genere di odio. Arcigay Rainbow Valsesia Vercelli Biella






International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia "ROCK FOR LOVE!"

Maratona musicale #live #music #concert #artists 20 maggio "Giornata internazionale contro l'omo\bi\transfobia" e contro ogni genere di odio. Arcigay Rainbow Valsesia Vercelli Biella





Greetings from the studio… working on Still My Heart Beats

In studio with Fulvio Renzi #STILLMYHEARTBEATS




#STILLMYHEARTBEATS in studio with Marta Antolovich on trombone.







Maria Olivero live with Mauro Roasio © Stefano Nai 2017




 Istantanea video 15.jpg






Thanks to O pera Rock Cafe’










“Josephine Baker, Still My Heart Beats” DI e Con Maria Olivero

Teatro di Campertogno 10 dicembre 2016

Con Maria Olivero, Francesca Pastorino e Lorenzo “Lord Theremin” Giorda

Foto grazie a Daniela Silvi





15230699_10211746066950756_76264820782474997_n.jpg  moo.jpg   


A special night with friends, Marble Band,

to celebrate “my new Bella” awesome Gibson Guitar.

Love to rocking it out :)



-    -  -




locandina 25-11.jpgDSC_7027.jpg








L’Associazione “Voci Di Donne” ha presentato


“Josephine Baker, Still My Heart Beats” di e con Maria Olivero

Alice Salvoldi storyteller, Lucia Colombo violoncello, Lorenzo Giorda Theremin

Teatro Sociale Villani, ore 20,30 Biella IT

Entrata su offerta, il ricavato devoluto alla Casa Rifugio di Biella









“Josephine Baker, Still My Heart Beats” Backstage






gab 3.jpg




11.jpg  15283954_911679282267504_3687178886413354259_n.jpg














“Josephine Baker, Still My Heart Beats”


Special thanks to these fantastic artists, with me on stage

Alice Salvoldi Storyteller, Lucia Colombo on Cello, Lorenzo Giorda on Theremin.

This is a labor of love.

To Josephine who was a great woman, a great example for us, for me.

A Woman who made choices, just like every person must do,

a Woman who chose love above all and acted on it.





- - - - - - - - - - - -



DSC_7161 e.jpg


DSC_7169 e.jpg




Ghemme IT November,20th "Today Project”

roundtable and concert on Universal Children’s Day.

An event dedicated to the Music Against Child Labour Initiative

and Alliance 8.7


20 novembre Giornata Mondiale dei Diritti dell'Infanzia.

Presentazione di “Today project” il progetto che prende il nome dalla canzone

“Today, Say No ToChild Labour” composta da Maria Olivero

seguito con artisti e collaboratori, nello spirito del Manifesto ILO

“La Musica Contro Il Lavoro Minorile”.

A seguire nello Scurolo antonelliano l’esecuzione dell'Inno della Beata Panacea

"Un Canto S'Innalzi" interpretato da Maria Olivero e introdotto dallo storico Sergio Monferrini.

A seguire i Laetimusici, Carlo Bava alla ciaramella e Giovanni Galfetti all'organo,

con Vincenzo Zitello all'arpa e Fulvio Renzi al violino.

Al finale tutti insieme con Maria Olivero e il coro Instabile dell’istituto comprensivo Fornara di Carpignano Sesia, diretto da Antonella Nacca e Gianfranco Fumagalli al Tin Whistle,

insieme corale per l'esecuzione di “Today Say No To Child Labour”.

Letture di Maria Cristina Pasquali


Nello Scurolo antonelliano della Beata Panacea

Piazza Antonelli, chiesa Santa Maria Assunta Ghemme (NO) IT


-  - -


Le Murate Caffè Letterario Firenze


Still My Heart Beats.bmp



Venerdi' 14 ottobre a Le Murate Caffè Letterario Firenze.

Josephine Baker Still My Heart Beats.

Di e con Maria Olivero, con Fulvio Renzi, al violino e viola.

Nell'ambito dell'Estate Fiorentina 2016 e di BEat2.0.

Associazioni culturali La Nottola di Minerva e Azione Sperimentale.





Josephine Baker Still My Heart Beats a Firenze.jpg


Josephine Baker Still My Heart Beats a Firenze 3.jpg




Celtica 2016





Celtica 2016 \ Courmayeur



100.jpg 16.jpg


Beautiful day at Celtica, thanks to my awesome musicians and friends!

Mauro Roasio on electric guitar,  Italo Colombo backvocals, harmonica and fisa



New Picture (1).bmp


Fairyland Festival at Guidonia (Roma) with Gens D'Ys Irish Dance Accademy. Thanks for having me








with Gens D’Ys Irish Dance Accademy, Triskell Festival, Trieste



New Picture.bmp






Maria Olivero with Mauro Roasio






TSHIRT \ May First International Workers Day in Turin, piazza San Carlo, with CIGL CISL and UIL

Singing TODAY Say No To Child Labour , supporting ILO Manifesto Music Against Child Labour









Live with Gens D’Ys Irish Dance Accademy










Soundtrack, composing-time




Maria Olivero, Lucia Colombo \ Rehearsals - Still My Heart Beats



DSC04543 Ew.jpg


love shooting photograph, love black and white…





Composing \ home





Maria Olivero live2.jpg










Maria Olivero with the violinist Chiara Giacobbe and Gabriele D’Angelo








Maria Olivero Trio live with Marble Special guest


- - - - - - - - -





wad 1.jpg


A shooting day for #simphonyforadreamer #storiedisognatori

a very special thanks to We Are Dreamers amazing team.

check them out here: www.wearedreamersmotionpicture.com

Special thanks to my band,

to the violinist Chiara Giacobbe, to Gabriele D' Angelo on electric guitar,

to the amazing BigMama for having us.











Los Angeles, enjoying every croassroad.



cover walk2 H.jpg


A song I compose for some short-selfie-videos

shooted by me together with my dear friend Armando “Spider”.

…to this wonderful land, to those wonderful moments with my friends.

Holding a little-camera, just walking, enjoying LA. A place in my heart.






Back in the studio with Gabriele D’ Angelo



IMAGE The Ride 1.jpg



Recording The Ride (acoustic) - Maria Olivero with the violinist Chiara Giacobbe











An important music event for the World Day Against Child Labour 2015 In Milano, Castello Sforzesco.

Supporting "Music Against Child Labour" ILO, International Labour Organization, music initiative...

organized by Milano Classica in collaboration with Carnevalspettacolo.

Supported by ILO International Labour Organization.

At 6 pm Maria Olivero had performed her song "TODAY Say No To Child Labour"

with the Maestro Massimo Fiocchi, the “Today” Choir Rinascita and the Suzuki Orchestra from Tourin.

At 9 pm She had performed in trio live with Chiara Giacobbe on violin and Luciano Santoro on bass.






20 b.jpg


DSC02183 w.jpg


Rehearsing “TODAY Say No To Child Labour” with Massimo Fiocchi, the Choir RINASCITA

In Milan, for the WORLD DAY AGAINST CHILD LABOUR event 2015 in Milan at the Castello Sforzesco


photo by Linda Cartridge.jpg


Maria Olivero Roy Einar Dreng & Friends concert at Thaulows \ Sandefjord, Norway

photo by Linda Cartridge







Neskirke Norway





“A Concert Against Child Labour” An acoustic Concert with

 Roy EInar Dreng and Friends, Tor Arne Hansen, Vicky Maria Hvidsten, Maria Olivero

showing The Red Card To Child Labour, supporting the ILO music iniziative “Music Against Child Labour

NesKirke, Norway





F DSC00001 w.jpg


 “FORGIVE ME”  lyrics video filmed in Los Angeles


 \\\ Audio free download on reverbnation



FORGIVE ME COVER buio walking2 web.jpg







In my kitchen…








Recording “Walk” with Philip E Le Gault, West Los Angeles


HRC1 ed1 w.jpg


August 2014, acoustic, thanks to Katie Cole and the Hard Rock Café Hollywood



with Shane Tucker Hard Rock Cafe.jpg


 with Shane Tucker, august 2014, Hard Rock Café Hollywood





Filming in Hollywood “Walk” new single 2015


live canters.jpg






Thanks Manny for this pic, SAE Music Institute Los Angeles




Working with talented artist, friend Rodolfo at SAE Music Institute Los Angeles


Nikki O'Neill Maria Olivero Santa Monica 2.jpg


Summer 2014 Meeting singer songwriter and guitarist Nikki O’Neill in Santa Monica

Holding her wonderful book “Women’s Road to Rock Guitar”


Jonny Kaplan and Me.jpg


Meeting the amazing singer songwriter Jonny Kaplan in Los Angeles, Marina Del Rey





Live at Canters, Hollywood





Hard Rock Café / Hollywood – Pics by A. Bravo




Special Guest at Women Warriors / Los Angeles

Amazing people and musicians getting together for a good cause! So glad I’ve been part of it!





IMAG0102 b.jpg



photo 1.jpg


Rehearsals with Giorgio Bellossi / West Los Angeles





Heading to California … J


Backstage .jpg


Maria Olivero with Giulia Riboli (Theremin Player) working on “Still My Heart Beats” music video

- Stefano Ceretti photographer.

Still My Heart Beats is the main theme for a new multimedia-pop-show dedicated to Josephine Baker

Based on “Miele e Kerosene”, the book written by Luca De Antonis.

First show in Milan, November, 20th  - Palazzina Liberty -  stay tuned J



danza SMHB fotogramma.jpg


Special thanks to Rosita Mariani (contemporary dance)

“Still My Heart Beats” (dedicated to Josephine Baker) new music video coming soon

In collaboration with Stefano Ceretti photographer







May/June 2014 – recording “Out There” – Songs for Dogs

Maria Olivero & Friends – Artists united for Paquito

In this picture “Pinuccio” joining our choir!





Maria Olivero at Spazio E Art Exhibition Photos by rosannAmbrosio







Maria Olivero Recording Today (Say No To Child Labour) acoustic demo – Culver City / Los Angeles








Manhattan jan. 2014




show 11 copia.jpg



JAN 9, 2014 Be Your Own by Maria Olivero – live at GOOD HURT – Los Angeles





DSC00614 - Copia.JPG




Jan. 10 – 2014 It’s me and my co-writer with amazing musician and singer songwriter YOZA .

We’re so happy we met such a great artist. Thanks very much  to Yoza

and to the Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood for having us





Downtown LA




DSC_2767 copia2 w.jpg


“TODAY Say No To Child Labour” (E.Maro, M.A. Olivero) live at CHIVASSO (TO) October,26:

“INFANZIA RUBATA: IERI COME OGGI?” -  In this picture:

Jane Colombini (ILO), Maria Olivero (songwriter), Dr. Maria Gabriella Lay (ILO), Elena Maro (lyricist), Carolina Tonco (violinist)








Presenting “Barbra Belle” Ep at Castello Dal Pozzo – ggress, 19
















Barbra Belle




235 bi.jpg


Barbra Belle EP – Castello Dal Pozzo, with Stefano Ceretti photographer





Maria Olivero  by Stefano Ceretti photographer





DSC_1644 copia.jpg


Special thanks to Giulia Riboli (Theremin)





Special thanks to Italo Colombo (Harmonica)


DSC_0702 copia.jpg


DSC_0720 copia.jpg


DSC_0684 copia copia2.jpg



Producing – Barbra Belle – EP – In studio with Giorgio Bellossi


3 colors.jpg


Producing – Barbra Belle – EP In studio with Jacopo Bersan and Lorenzo Pezzuto



mt 1.jpg


Home. Talking about music, ep, electronic sounds…

Thanks to Giulia Riboli (Theremin player) and Carolina Tonco (violinist)


P1450260 copia3.jpg





P1450265 copia.jpg




P1450287 copia.jpg





per ameno2.jpg


Nadine and I … ready for the concert ;)


Maria in -studio.jpg


Composing at night… my keyboard, my red light… “All I have to do is dream!” : )


P1440257 copia copia.jpg



June 12 – Performing “Today (Say No To Child Labour)” at Villa Clerici, Milano

World Day Against Child Labour event, 2013


Maria Oliveo vocals, acoustic guitar

Elena Maro back vocals

Carolina Tonco violin, Jacopo Bersan acoustic guitar



P1440207 copia copia.jpg



Today T-Shirt (prototype)

In this picture:

 Minister of Integration Cécile Kashetu Kyenge, Dr. Maria Gabriella Lay rapresenting ILO,

Singer songwriter Maria Olivero, lyricist Elena Maro and violinist Carolina Tonco

 June, 12 – World Day Against Child Labour 2013 – event – Villa Clerici, Milano



Today collage3.jpg









…my “Rock’n’Roll Birthday” J


P1430594 copia copia.jpg





944232_4780680999323_1682892089_n copia.jpg





Live at the Gule Galleriet in Stavern (Norway) photo by Per Albrigtsen


Descrizione: Descrizione: Descrizione: 122222.jpg





Teatro Donizetti (Bergamo)


P1390730 copia.jpg



P1390728 copia.jpg


Presenting Anyway – Album – Diavolo Rosso, Asti






“Maria and The Americans”  Franco Nasi (Caracas), Giorgio Bellossi (Los Angeles)



corpi_acustici live in fnac - anteprima MEI 2010 - Torino.jpg


Fnac Torino Acoustic – Corpi Acustici – Organized by Luca Castelnuovo


Descrizione: Descrizione: Descrizione: 100  



Descrizione: Descrizione: Descrizione: norw2-26.jpg














MadRebel's --.jpg 





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